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USS-Glas | Simply the Best Cover Lens.

Our mission is combining safety, efficiency with professional modern technology and the highest quality standards to provide the welder with the longest, sharpest and clearest visibility possible.

The welder has a responsible job where little mistakes can create huge consequences. He’s the “surgeon of metal”.

So his “visibility” is an important issue. A lack of it can cause huge damage. It can harm people and even risk lives.

Together with German researchers and laboratory technicians, we developed a new product especially designed for the welder, the high standard USS-Glas.
USS-Glas (Ultimate Sharp Sighted Glass) is fitted with a special coating for an extremely effective and comfortable use.

Compared to conventional cover lens, USS-Glas offers a great range of benefits to the welder and the business itself:


    • Extreme Long Service Life
      In tests about 20 times longer than ordinary glass and even longer than CR-39
    • Ultimate Long Sharp and Clear Vision
      as no other cover lens on the market. No distortion, no double vision and no misty view
    • Scratch and Heat-resistant
      Easy cleaning by wiping with a damp cloth or welding glove. No distortion under extreme heat
    • Environmentally friendly
      less waste and recyclable
    • CE Conformity
      compliant to European Standard EN166 for eye-protection. Optical Class 1

Added Value for the Welder and the Business

✓    Better Place to Work
✓    Higher Productivity
✓    Top-Quality Welding Seam
✓    Huge Cost Savings

With all these benefits, there is no reason to wait. Try it yourself.


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